About us

Näpi Puit OÜ is an Estonian company based on 100% of Estonian capital, that was founded in 2004.

We offer you a chance to order furniture for the whole apartment, house or commercial building, along with windows, doors and stairs – everything from one place!
You will receive all of our help and advice so that together we can find the perfect solution!

Our experienced consultants wait for you at our production factory – Betooni 9, Sõmeru parish, Lääne-Viru county, Estonia. If necessary, we will meet you at your home or other suitable place at a suitable time.

Over the years, our furniture, doors and windows have also reached Finland, Sweden, Norway and Netherlands.

If the construction or reconstruction of an apartment / a house has begun, it is worth considering complete solutions. The final result will definitely be cheaper, it is possible to avoid tonal differences and we can talk about and fit every little detail.
You don’t have to worry about transportation and installation and our specialists will help for with all of their knowledge.

Custom-made furniture includes kitchen furniture, furniture for other living spaces and public spaces furniture.
With each piece of custom made furniture we take the client’s needs and wishes, room dimensions and characteristics into account. This achieves the best results, valuable furniture and original solutions.

Solid wood is honoured again and this makes us happy. Furniture from solid wood has timeless value, it can go trough generations.
The wood can be processed to be very interesting and expressive by using a variety of finishing techniques, whether it is wearing out, Patina processing, painting in several different colors and so on.

Wardrobes and sliding doors are topical subjects. A well-thought storage is an important part of the housing, allowing to use the space efficiently and flexibly and can be an excellent interior element of your home.

Windows are basically of a classic inside-out open type and MSE-type, with a double inward opening frame. “Norway” type of windows are suitable for log houses. Windows that are in special shapes and meet the requirements of cultural heritage protection laws, are wanted in the cultural environmental zones.

Doors help to create a sense of homeliness and security. Besides that, doors need to be solid-looking, because the door is the first thing that your visitors see. We make inner and outer doors that are from solid wood, veneered, or painted. We also make fireproof doors.

Stair is an important part of the modern architecture. Every stair is unique and must blend into the interior. You can order wooden and veneered stairs on different constructions (wood, metal, wrought iron).